TL File Sync


TL File Sync synchronizes files and folders between your computers. Let's say, you have 2 computers, a desktop PC and a notebook. Sometimes you change documents or add music files on your desktop PC, sometimes on your notebook. You need to synchronize these files, so you always have the latest versions of your files, on your desktop PC and on your notebook. That's what TL File Sync does for you. It can also be used as a backup program on a single computer.

Current Version




  1. Decide which of your computers shall be your main computer, i. e. the server, and which one shall be your client. Normally, you would call your desktop PC your server and your notebook your client.
  2. Run "TL File Sync.exe" from your client.

  3. Click the "Add ..."-button to add a root sync item. A root sync item consists of a root source folder that is on your server and a root destination folder that is on your client. Their contents will be synchronized when you click "Sync now".
  4. To start the synchronization, click "Sync now". For each sync item, TL File Sync will now look for differences. After that, you will be shown a dialog telling you, what TL File Sync will do, if you confirm the dialog by clicking "OK". If you click "Abort" instead at this point of time, nothing has happened yet or will happen. Please read the dialog carefully.